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Drepanostachyum khasianum
(photo of young plant)

Max Ht: 12’
Max Diam: 1/2”
Min Temp: 15 F
Edible: no

An exquisite, graceful, cold-tolerant bamboo, boasting slender, cascading culms with thick sprays of long, light-green leaves on multiple branch clusters. Prefers shade. Lots of subtle coloring. A very attractive, small, landscaping plant. Grows well in the sub-tropics or indoors.

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D. minor "Amoenus"

Max Ht: 45’ ?
Max Diam: 4” ?
Min Temp: 15 F
Edible: no

A much-prized ornamental. This plant has a pleasing form, and the striped culms express a random blending of greens, blues, and purples. One-of-a-kind!

S. jaculans

Max Ht: 30’
Max Diam: 1.5"
Min Temp: 39 F
Edible: ?

An attractive ornamental with very long internodes (3 ft or longer). It has straight wood, a clean look, a vase-like shape, and beautiful large leaves for its size. A nice plant for a collection. Useable for blowpipes and musical instruments.

B. vulgaris “Wamin”

Max Ht: 35’
Max Diam: 4-5”
Min Temp: 27 F
Edible: yes, bitter

A large and very spectacular, Buddha-Belly-type bamboo. It has verdant-green culms with long, narrow leaves, and large-diameter culm internodes that develop a powerful bulging on the lower 5 - 10 ft. of the culms. This is further accentuated by the absence of lower leaf growth. An awe-inspiring curiosity in a landscape.

S. brachycladum (photos of young plants)

Max Ht: 40’
Max Diam: 4”
Min Temp: 0 F
Edible: yes

An absolutely exquisite bamboo! Known as the Sacred Golden Bamboo of Bali, each clump is erect, straight, and tight, giving off a constant golden glow, even on a cloudy day. Considered by many bamboo lovers to be the most outstanding ornamental of all. Perfect as a centerpiece in an a high-visibility planting.

B. lako (Timor Black)

Max Ht:
Max Diam: 4”
Min Temp: 25 F
Edible: yes

The first of our three black bamboos. Timor Black is a highly-prized, elegant, chocolate-black bamboo with straight and erect culms that are in a somewhat-open clump. Culms are initially green, then darken with age. This bamboo is leafless for several yards, then topped with densely-packed, long, thin, vertically-hanging, pale-green leaves. Very beautiful.

G. atroviolacea

Max Ht:
Max Diam: 4”
Min Temp: 28 F
Edible: yes

The second of our three black bamboos. This magnificent, very erect, high-quality, timber bamboo retains its sooty-black color after harvest and is much valued for furniture and musical-instrument making. The culms have intermittant light-colored green stripes, and are exposed and leafless for yards.

Nastus Elatus

Max Ht: 60’
Max Diam: 4”
Min Temp: 28 F
Edible: yes, raw

The most sought-after, edible, timber bamboo in Hawaii. We've eaten shoots raw when they were over a foot tall and they were quite tasty! Beyond its deliciousness, it's also a vigorous growing, elegant, vivid-green ornamental. It apparently doesn't like to have wet roots, so it requires good drainage.

D. asper "Hitam"
(photo of young plant)

Max Ht: 100’
Max Diam: 8”
Min Temp: 28 F
Edible: yes

Wow! An 8” diameter, black bamboo! This is the most-desired bamboo in Hawaii, without peer. (You can tell by the crowd around it:-) With the same superior wood quality as the green Indonesian asper, this is the world’s largest black bamboo. Like all black bamboos, it retains its black color when it’s dried, making it highly ornamental for creating things, such as furniture or visible structural members in buildings.

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