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B. glaucophylla “Malay Dwarf”

Max Ht: 12’-15’
Max Diam: 1”
Min Temp: 30° F
Edible: ?

A superior, short, tight-space, hedge bamboo. Dense, erect, bushy, with a pleasingly ornamental green/white variegation in almost all of the leaves. Easy to shape or prune, or just leave it be. Very attractive and functional. An ideal hedge for a suburban yard, as it doesn't get too tall nor does it arch branches over into a neighbor's property, yet it's very thick with leaves, blocking out sight and sound.


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B. multiplex “Silverstripe”
(photo of B. multiplex)

Max Ht: 15-20’
Max Diam: 1.5”
Min Temp: 12° F
Edible: yes

Feathery, nodding culms that lean outwards. Fine leaves are light green with white variegation and blue-tinged backs. Culms have white stripes. Makes a beautiful, fast-growing, cold-tolerant windbreak, hedge, or erosion-control plant. Used for screens, basketry, garden stakes, and various handicrafts.

B. multiplex "Alphonse Karr"

Max Ht: 15-20'
Max Diam: 1.5"
Min Temp: 12° F
Edible: Yes

More erect than B. multiplex "Silverstripe," with delightful, bright-yellow culms, striped with green. A tight, farily-erect clump that's relatively leafless for the lower third and then bursts into a cap of fine, distinctively-arranged leaves. A beautiful, smaller bamboo for a garden setting or suburban hedge. Stays short in the full sun. Quite popular.

B. edulis (not) (photo of young plant)

Max Ht: 20’ ?
Max Diam: 1.5” ?
Min Temp: 25° F ?
Edible: ?

An unidentified, green, hedge-style bamboo that was introduced to Hawaii as B. edulis (an edible timber bamboo). The way it grows make it clear that it is not B. edulis. It is pretty, grows vigorously, and makes plenty of foliage for visual screening.

B. burmanica (not)
(aka B. pervariabalis ?)

Max Ht: 40’
Max Diam: 2”
Min Temp: 32° F
Edible: yes

Brought to Hawaii as B. burmanica, thought for a while to be B. pervariablis, this unidentified species has been grown out a lot and is a favorite larger hedge bamboo. Thick-walled, small-leafed, erect, green culms , sometimes have cream stripes on the basal nodes, that turn gold with age. Similar bamboos have been used in China for farm-tool handles, light-pole structures, fishing rods, furniture, and barge poles, due to its strength. Good for wood or as a thick, impenetrable hedge.

B. luteostriata

Max Ht: 30’
Max Diam: 2”
Min Temp: 28° F
Edible: yes

A big puffball! This plant, which used to be classifed as a Gigantochloa, has white/green variegations on the young leaves and leaves that are in shade. Erect, green culms also have intermittent white stripes. It makes a great privacy hedge or windbreak and also has useable wood.

B. malingensis

Max Ht: 35’
Max Diam: 2”
Min Temp: 20° F
Edible: yes

Salt-drought-and-wind-tolerant, tight clumps with straight, dark-green culms that occasionally have minor zig-zags near the base. Used in China to make shed tools and baskets, due to thick-walled, strong, fine-grained wood. Internodes up to 18”. Vigorous growth when young. Makes an excellent larger hedge or short windbreak. Well adapted to many of the harsher climates of the island, even without irrigation.


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