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Sustainable Agriculture Tools

Over the years we have discovered a handful of highly efficient and effective handtools and reusable land management products that we love to use and promote. Every product we sell has been hand selected by us, used and compared to other similiar products, and have been greatly appreciated by our friends and customers. We have chosen these tools as appropriate technology for developing and maintaining a quiet and productive tropical garden, homestead, or farm.

Many of these products are only available to the consumer through GaiaYoga Nursery and all of them are available for less money through us than any other local retail source.

Kama – Serrated Hand Sickle (Short Handled)

Kama – Serrated Hand Sickle (Long Handled)

Kama Holster (for short handled)

“Plant Saver!” Copper Slug & Snail Barrier

Sele (Superior Design, All-Around Machete From Fiji)

Soil Sifting Screen (Used On Wheelbarrow)

Rope: Solid Braided Nylon (1/8” - 1/2")

Swivel Clip

LED Headlamp

LED No-Battery Flashlight

Sustainable Agriculture Books

Bamboo World

Earth User's Guide To Permaculture

One Straw Revolution

The Natural Way Of Farming

The Road Back To Nature

Super Simple Guide To Growing In Hawaii


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