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Bamboo, coconuts, fruit trees, bananas, perennial vegetables in Hawaii

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Local Links

GaiaYoga Gardens: Our Intentional Community and Educational Center in Puna

La'akea Gardens: Intentional Community and Retreat Center in Puna

Hedonisia Hawaii Hostel: Vacation Rentals and Hostel in Puna

Hiiaka's Healing Herb Garden: Educational Herb Garden and Retreat

Hawaii Bamboo Society

Yoga Oasis: Yoga Retreat Center

Liz Randol: Progressive Real Estate Agent in East Hawaii

Mana Cards: Hawaiian Divination Cards

Other Links

Network For New Cultures: A Fellowship of friends who are experimenting with polyamory, conscious communication, community, personal growth, and adult play.

Synoptic Sounds: Audio Engineering in San Francisco area

From The 'Burbs: Blog about getting beyond suburban lifestyle.

Bamboo Bamboo link hub and information source

Hawaii Big Island Hawaii search guide and directory with all of the best sites for the Big Island.

The Cultural Creative Web Directory: The most comprehensive, Cultural Creative Web Directory search on the Internet.

San Marcos Growers: A Diversified Nursery in Santa Barbara, California.

Bamboo Page: A link and information hub about bamboo.


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