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Welcome to GaiaYoga Nursery. We're an organic, tropical nursery, specializing in edible, useful, and ornamental plants for Hawaii, including non-invasive, clumping bamboo, coconut palms, fruit trees, and banana plants. Whether you have a home you're landscaping, a multi-acre homestead, or a commercial farm, we can provide the right plants for you – at an economical price!

If you'd like to come and visit the nursery, please call or e-mail to make an appointment. Our nursery is located in Kapoho (Hilo-side) on the Big Island of Hawaii. We also make deliveries island-wide on the Big Island, and we ship to all of the Hawaiian islands via Young Brothers. (Ask for details about our delivery schedule and fees.)

We operate a completely organic nursery that is 100% free of fire ants.

We are vigilant in keeping chirping coqui out of our nursery and upon request we will treat plants with citric acid before releasing them to customers to eliminate any possibility of eggs, juvenile males, or silent females. When we ship off-island we always treat the plants with citric acid.

For individuals, landscape contractors, or retail nurseries that want plants in quantity beyond what we have in stock, we offer contract growing. Ask us for more information.

We do our best to reuse and recycle agricultural pots. If you're not going to re-use the pots you get when you buy plants from us, or if you already have pots you aren't using, we'd greatly appreciate getting them from you. (For large quantities of pots, we offer plant material in exchange.)

If you have questions about plants, tools, or our services, or are ready to place an order, please call or e-mail us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Mahalo for choosing GaiaYoga Nursery. We look forward to helping you create your dream of a beautiful and bountiful Hawaiian paradise.

GaiaYoga Nursery
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